Our project

The three-year Erasmus+ project M(e)Y(ou) Society connects three cooperative schools: OŠ Milojke Štrukelj Nova Gorica from Slovenia, Colegio Villa Fátima from Spain and PS “Elisaveta Bagriana” from Bulgaria.

The Slovenian school is the applicant organisation and initiator of this project. From previous correspondence we discerned that we face the similar problems of peer violence and that we want to improve our own activity in this field. We also got the sense of readiness for work and determination to reach the goal, thus we decided to cooperate.
There will be approximately 130 students aged 12 -15, school leadership and professional workers of the schools included in the project.
With this project we wish to prepare an annual three-year program titled “More than a Diploma” which will be a part of the school’s curriculum. All the schools that want to carry out planned activities for improving the self-esteem to reduce the peer violence will be able to use it.